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I'Its been over a decade since Justin Meyer has started his career in Massage therapy .

He started back in 2003 at Universal Therapuetic Massage Institute .

What got me interested in Massage therapy was working on a friend years before school .

A ffriend had a sore shoulder and asked to work on her not knowing what I was doing .

When I was done the friend was amazed and said you should go to school for massage .

Years later when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life , I figure why not give it a try .

ItMassage came naturally and so began my journey .


I have Studied martial arts for 32 years .

I have studied internal kung fu for the last 22 years .

This is important in applying deep tissue work . Instead of using muscular strength to apply force , I apply aligned body mechanics and subtle intention .


I am a Registered Massage therapy instructor , certified Tai Chi Chaun , Chi Gung and Kung Fu instructor . I am a San Da coach , Life Coach , and Level 1 certified emotional freedom technique practitioner .



Background information

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