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We specialize in Trigger point for Fibromyalgia , Sciatica , Limited range of motion ,

Headaches , back problems , Tendonitis ,plantar fasciitis(fasciosis)  etc .

Have worked with Martial artists and sports enthuisiasts for 12 years .




Justin Meyer is an energetic deep tissue Practitioner . Blending both physical and energetics to massage therapy . He blends both Swedish and Deep Tissue together so you get the best of boths therapies . Having practiced both external (physical ) and internal martials arts for 32 . He is a  Registered Massage Therapy instructor , certified Tai chi , Chi Gung and Kung Fu instructor . Also certified San Da coach (chinese kickboxing ) . Level 1 certified emotional freedom technique practitioner and a Certified Life coach .




The clinic is located in a quiet and established neighborhood .

We strive on providing the best massage possible .

We believe in better health through massage .

​Massage is relationship oriented . To get the best massage possible clear and defined communication is best . We value you and appreciate our clients .

Our Philosophy

Preventitive medicine is the key to better health

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